Custom Solutions

Finding unique and engaging solutions for our clients and their employees


With over 40 years of experience in providing benefit services to businesses in a myriad of industries, EFP excels at finding unique and engaging solutions for our clients and their employees throughout the benefit enrollment process. From self-serve, online enrollment, to personal benefit consultations, the EFP team will create custom solutions to fit your business, while increasing your employees’ benefit engagement.



Innovative Technology


EFP is focused on innovative solutions by utilizing the latest technologies in designing benefits programs, improving communication strategies and expanding enrollment and engagement methods.  By combining technology and education, we can streamline the enrollment process, ensuring that your employees are making more informed decisions regarding their benefits.

  • Easy-to-navigate, online enrollment
  • Bill reconciliation and payment services
  • Payment system integrations
  • Statistical tracking of benefit information



From the first kick-off meeting, to post enrollment statistical reporting, EFP’s personalized, hands-on process takes the stress out of the enrollment process. Our customized implementation strategies are tailored to your company and employees.

  • Dedicated Implementation Manager
  • Enrollment Benefit Counselors
  • Post-enrollment reporting 
  • Ongoing benefit management





EFP customizes its communications to match and reinforce your corporate brand and the value of your benefits. Print and digital marketing pieces are targeted to your employees based on relevant demographics and your preferred outreach methods.

  • Branded to your corporate culture
  • Targeted to reach all employees
  • Responsive and personalized
  • Innovative using the latest technology



Our Benefit Counselors use the latest education techniques to fully engage all your employees. Using face-to-face or telephonic benefit consultations, we ensure your employees make informed benefit decisions for themselves and their families.

  • Customized strategies
  • Latest engagement methods
  • Licensed Benefit Counselors




Client Support


The EFP team is committed to an efficient and effective process that ensures a successful enrollment and on-going service. You will have a dedicated Client Service Specialist to support your benefits administration and human resources team. Our Benefit Counselors are extensively trained, not only in product information but in the ability to listen and respond in a caring way.

  • Dedicated Benefit Call Center
  • Multilingual Benefit Counselors
  • Year-round policy support
  • New-hire onboarding



Partner With EFP


Our philosophy of exceptional, effective, and enduring service delivers results.
We are committed to the long-term success of our clients and the benefit programs they choose to offer their employees.