Team EFP is made up of dynamic, hard-working, committed, fun, innovative, service-oriented professionals. Due to our current growth mode, we have room on our team for like-minded individuals.

Do you have what it takes to join the Team?

EFP is committed to certain guiding principles that define who we are as individuals and who we are collectively as an organization. These principles or “Core Values” are critical to our mission. Every step towards success, no matter how big or small, is driven by these Core Values.


We apply moral and ethical principles to our personal and professional lives and have the character to maintain these principles in difficult times.

Open Communication

Our interactions with team members and external partners are characterized by openness, clarity, and transparency.



We work together in a positive and productive effort to achieve shared goals, maximize our return and increase the efficiency, effectiveness and success of the team.

Continuous Improvement

We are proactive and constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our services through the voice of
our customers.



We consistently deliver on our commitments and take responsibility for our actions.

Customer Service

We are responsive and always exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers.

Now recruiting!

We are currently recruiting for the following positions. Click on the job title to review the job description and application requirements.

Tips to a successful application process

Review our web site at to learn about who we are and what we do.

TIP:  We are not an insurance company or a social service agency. We are a customer-centric partner for benefit communication, enrollment, and HR fulfillment services.

Thoroughly and completely read the job description to determine if your skill set and experience matches our needs and requirements.

TIP: Ensure that you meet the specific qualifications stated in the job description.

Submit a letter of interest and resume.

TIP: Submissions that do not include an application code will be automatically screened out of consideration.

Identify the application code for the position. Application codes are listed in on-line postings and the job description.

TIP: Don’t skip the letter of interest; be sure to succinctly tell us how your skills and experience make you a viable candidate for the position and will bring value to Team EFP.

Thank you for your interest in Team EFP!


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