Increasing New Hire Retention with Benefit Education Expertise


Benefit enrollment plays a key role in establishing an organization’s commitment to their employees. Establishing a comprehensive benefit onboarding process is an important step in this process. Our new hire benefits onboarding philosophy is to address any questions or concerns while providing employees with the knowledge they need to understand the value and meaning of their benefits. EFP strives to relieve the pressure HR professionals face during new hire onboarding, specifically the time it takes to go through benefit enrollment and education with employees. Onboarding new hires virtually has become our new normal, to combat this added complexity it is crucial to increase the lines of communication.

EFP benefit counselors offer education and advice while meeting with employees to improve communication during this stressful time. In the last six months, one of our clients had over 250 employees go through the new hire benefit onboarding process. Without the help of knowledgeable benefit counselors, benefit education and enrollment support can be difficult to achieve in such a short amount of time. Our benefit counselors are looking to ease the burden on busy HR professionals during new hire benefit onboarding.

In a recent enrollment session with Richmond Public Schools, our licensed benefit counselors received an 88% satisfaction rating with employees surveyed that felt the counselors were knowledgeable about plan details, offered good advice, and left them feeling better educated after their consultation. Utilizing Benefit Counselors offers a sense of relief to employees and HR professionals during the new hire process. Choose a partner with experience and proven results to transform your benefits onboarding to exceed your organizational goals.