Project Santa

2020 marks the second year EFP employees have hosted a family during the holiday season. The holidays always provoke the giving nature in all, this year it is especially essential to help all in need. Klingberg Family Centers “mission is to build healing relationships that can empower children and families to reach their full potential.” EFP supports everything Klingberg does and has gathered holiday gifts to lift the spirits of a family in need of a little help during this difficult year.

The Klingberg Family Centers was founded in 1903 as a non-profit organization to provide children with a safe and happy home. They provide outpatient therapy, special education school, foster care, adoption services, mentoring, child abuse treatment, community services, and a children’s advocacy clinic. Klingberg treats over 2,500 children each year from the ages 3-18. Klingberg staff use the best and most current protocols and practices to help children and families cope with children’s behavioral problems.

Be sure to check out their website at the link below to learn more about all the wonderful things Klingberg Family Centers has to offer and does offer to the community.