Maintaining a Good Work / Life Balance

As working from home has transition to being the new normal for much of the world, it is important for us to maintain a healthy work/life balance in this increasingly difficult time. Many of us have gained  back some time in our day with commutes being only 5 steps down the hall but what have we done with the extra time? It is essential to  separate working at home from living at home and make time for yourself. Throughout the many months of work from home a few tips have shown to dramatically improve the ever-tilting work/life balance.

  1. Set specific work hours and stick to them.
  • It is important to normalize our days as much as possible and that includes setting and sticking to your 9 to 5 days as you would have in the office. With our new offices being just steps away it is easy to get lost and forget to sign off. Remember to set your hours each week and stick to them as closely as you can.
  1. Prioritize your physical and mental well-being.
  • We all notice the winter blues around this time of year and with quarantine continuing it is essential to focus on your physical and mental. Take a walk during lunch and be sure to check in on each other, staying connected is crucial!
  1. Set weekly goals for yourself personally and professionally.
  • Setting goals for yourself both personally and professionally is always a beneficial process, pandemic or not. In today’s world it is good to set realistic goals that you can accomplish each day or each week that way you are not overwhelmed and are not overworking yourself.
  1. Be sure to unplug from technology and make time for yourself and loved ones.
  • We are all very connected to our devices which is a blessing during this difficult holiday season. It is crucial for us to sign off and take time to be present in the moment..